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Peppy Pines Icon by RenaTurnip
Name: Peppy Pines
Species: Pegasus
Cutie mark: A pinecone

Special Talent: Foal scout leader

Bio: Peppy is a nice and humble pony and would do anything for her friends. She's Always up to lend a helping hoof when needed. When you give something to her, be sure to get something back twice as big. Ponies describe her as an enthusiastic and lovable mare.
Throughout the year peppy spends her time at the weekly held Foal scouts, playing games and teaching the little ones the ways of life.
Ricardo the manticore helps her with some tasks, as he lives nearby the cabins. All the foals love him to bits.
While running the foal scouts, she also runs the summer camps and guides young fillies and colts, Although being young at mind and loving to help around, she can be quite the perfectionist and wants to get every scout badge there is. Peppy needs to feel like she gave it her all and pushes through every challenge with a big heart.

Peppy's official Reference sheet

Vanilla Swirl Icon by RenaTurnip
Name: Vanilla Swirl
Species: Earth Pony
Cutie mark: An icecream cone with a swirl mark through it

Special Talent: She makes icecream and works together with sweet wheat the baker in a baker shop
Sister: Cinnabon

Bio:  Vanilla Swirl likes  to make things pretty , especially food. She owns a food store together with Sweet Wheat. She's a fast worker and does everything neatly. Her speciality is making  icecream with all kinds of flavours. You imagine it, she can make it. The icecream part of the shop is a huge succes during summers.  But that's not the only thing she can make. Next to ice cream she also makes the most delicious waffles.

Ring Runner Icon by RenaTurnip
Name: Ring Runner
Species: Earth pony
Cutie mark: Two rollerskates

Special Talent: rollerskating

Bio: insert bio here .


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